More colour explosions! These mind-blowing pieces are the works of conceptual artist Jason Beasley. He draws inspiration from fashion, symbolism, metaphors and the female form. To keep updated with his latest work, you can follow him on tumblr

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One of many awesome illustrations by Kris Tate

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(via Posterheroes Project by Riccardo Sabatini | -::[robot:mafia]::- .ılılı. electronic beats ★ visual art .ılılı.)

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Experimental typography project by Marcelo Schultz

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Pablo Alfieri is an Art Director and Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has worked in local studios since 2002 and in 2008 created “Playful” - a showcase of his personal works. “Playful” is a place where he dedicates all of his passion for colours, typography, and geometric shapes - the basis of all of his creative work. 

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great infographics

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Typography portraits by Michael McCabe

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